Thursday, September 3, 2009

Projections of points, lines, planes and solids

Here are few videos I found in Youtube explaining orthographic projections of points/lines/planes/solids

Projections of lines

Projections of solids


  1. I Know the procedure . But why do we do this ? I don't want to cram the procedure ? If there any logic tell me on "" Thanks.

  2. sir
    iam a 1 year b tech student from kerala (mg). my exam on this may ,and i dont know anything about,
    i would like to know which are the easier chapters in this subject. pls tell me and also i want to know whick are the good e-bookks, and other sources lke this? plsssssssssssss help

  3. Hi,
    Which tool are you using to create this animation. Are you a teacher. Nice video.

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